Our group works on large-scale distributed computing, security, systems aspects of Big Data, low-cost computing for the developing world, and millimeter wave wireless.


8/27/2015: Aditya Dhananjay has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congrats Aditya!

8/25/2015: Christopher Mithchell has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congrats Christopher!

7/20/2015: Josh Leners has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Josh!

4/17/2015: 3 of our students won Master's Fellowship! Congratulations to Ye Ji (Kurzbart Hedwig Kurzbart Fellowship), Stephanie Michalowicz (M.S. Innovation Fellowship), Christopher Rohlfs (M. Michael Waller Fellowship)!


Recent publications

Spartan: A Distributed Array Framework with Smart Tiling, USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Chien-Chin Huang and Qi Chen and Zhaoguo Wang and Russell Power and Jorge Ortiz and Jinyang Li and Zhen Xiao, 2015

Taming uncertainty in distributed systems with help from the network, Proc. ACM European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys), Joshua B. Leners and Trinabh Gupta and Marcos K. Aguilera and Michael Walfish, 2015

Efficient {RAM} and control flow in verifiable outsourced computation, Proc. Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), Riad S. Wahby and Srinath Setty and Zuocheng Ren and Andrew J. Blumberg and Michael Walfish, 2015

Verifying computations without reexecuting them: From Theoretical Possibility to Near Practicality, Communications of ACM, Michael Walfish and Andrew J. Blumberg, 2015